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Entrance Exam Dates:
6th April 2024, 18th May 2024


ENG: 64
BIO: 81
PHY: 83
CHEM: 96
TOTAL: 324


ENG: 63
BIO: 65
PHY: 98
CHEM: 97
TOTAL: 322


ENG: 60
MATH: 98
PHY: 85
CHEM: 77
TOTAL: 320


ENG: 70
BIO: 76
PHY: 72
CHEM: 70
TOTAL: 288


ENG: 56
BIO: 76
PHY: 83
CHEM: 70
TOTAL: 285


ENG: 69
BIO: 81
PHY: 60
CHEM: 75
TOTAL: 285

Creche Section

Our creche is beautifully designed and equipped to cater for the needs of infants and toddlers between the ages of three to twenty three months.

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Nursery Section

We pride ourselves in being able to provide personalized learning experience that is organized to suit the development of each child. Each child is unique so their formative years is very important to us

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Primary Section

Our curriculum enables children to excel in Mathematics, English Language, Arts, Drama, Music and Sports. We monitor each child's progress and ensure they receive the wide range of opportunities that we offer.

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Secondary Section

Gran Hermano Academy Junior and Secondary school is best known for its exceptionally caring atmosphere where students from all backgrounds thrive in a safe, caring and friendly environment.

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Welcome To Gran Hermano Academy.

Gran Hermano Academy is a co-educational boarding Institution, consisting of nursery, primary and senior secondary school children between the ages of 2-16 years.

It was founded to provide a balanced comprehensive educational curriculum for the full development of children intellectually, spiritually and socially. Our students together with our experienced, professional and highly skilled staff form a vibrant community, a place that is dedicated to securing outstanding achievement for all. From the onset, they are made to feel very welcomed and comfortable with their teachers. The students` hostels could be best described as "a home away from home". They thrive in a truly friendly environment.

Our students` academic records speak volume and their results have established our academy as one of the very best in Nigeria.

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School Anthem

All hail, Gran Hermano
My school, my pride
My alma mater
For you will blossom in wisdom
To achieve excellence
Springing leadership
We are great
We are great

Arise, Gran Hermano
Shine forth with light
That never goes dim
Shining to the hills and valleys
Molding, restructuring
Future generation
G.H.A, G.H.A., G.H.A.
We are great
We are great

Our Vision
To be a top-class school for the pursuit of excellence in knowledge as well as character and service to humanity.

To provide a conducive teaching environment, learning and character based on the fear of God and hard work.
To develop a child completely, that is body, mind and soul, so as to attain excellence in all ramifications of life.

Excellence: excellent teaching is our passion whereby the teachers are highly committed to their work and assist the pupils/students to achieve their potentials and excel in all their endeavours.
Respect: we care for others and treat them with courtesy.
Responsibility We nurture our pupils/students to be independent and great leaders of tomorrow.
Integrity We are strongly committed and sincere in dealing with our pupils/students and parents.

1st April, 2023

The School will conduct their first entrance exam for the session.

Entrance exam for the new intakes, will be conducted in the ICT digital Hub of the school.
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5th April, 2023

The School will go on 2 Weeks Easter Holiday.

The holiday break for the term will begins on April 5th, 2023.
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We are driven to giving the best teaching and support to all students and we are committed to helping them achieve success.

Admissions are open to pupils in creche, nursery, primary and secondary. We also offer after school care and Weekend Classes.