Summer Bootcamps

The School's Summer School is an annual lesson programme which holds every month of August. The programme is open for both pupils and students of Gran Hermano and other schools across the federation and beyond.
The Summer School programme is carefully arranged and run based on the vision, mission, values and principles upon which Gran Hermano as an institution of learning was established. Hence, adequate attention is paid to morality and academic excellence.
The programme is divided into two phases: the morning session which runs between 8:30am and 12 noon while the afternoon session runs between 12 noon and 4pm.
The morning sessions are exclusively for academic activities during which key subjects approved by the School's Management are taught by our team of experts.
The afternoon sessions are for extracurricular activities such as: sporting activities, music, dance, visiting cinemas, arts and craft, hair making, catering and home management, etc.
Before the commencement of the afternoon sessions, the participants are served launch from the School's kitchen.
The programme is carefully organized in such a way that, pupils and students are fully involved. The approach is learners' based under the supervision of our incredible team of seasoned academics.
The combination of learning and extracurricular activities make our Summer School programme unique, engaging, interesting, captivating and appealing. It gives the participants a sense of satisfaction and an experience befitting of a summer holiday. This of course, explains why most participants opt to enrol with us as pupils or students of Gran Hermano Academy, the preceding academic year.
To register for our next Summer School programme, call any of the numbers on the website or visit the school for further details.

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Admissions are open to pupils in creche, nursery, primary and secondary. We also offer after school care and Weekend Classes.