Our ICT Hub & Research Lab

Welcome to our Tech Hub and Research Lab, Gran Hermano Academy has an air-conditioned Computer Laboratory fitted with 60 Dell and Hp computers, 10 Hp Laptops, all computers running on windows 7 and 8 with printers, scanners, storage, projector and a charging rack. They are connected to fiber internet which is fast and reliable especially during trainings on ICT integration in education.
The computers have educational and CBT softwares installed on them which offer tutorials and clips that can enhance the teachers' skills on innovative ways of teaching.
Gran Hermano Academy is fully committed to the appropriate use of information technology in teaching and research work through the provision of a wide range of computing resources and support services.
Our Lab is a digital laboratory designed to eliminate the infrastructural and psychological barrier that limits the use of technology in schools. There is Wi-Fi hotspot facilities throughout the school premises for all academic work researches.
The students as well as the staff use information technology in a creative and collaborative environment so that they will model respectful, responsible, and ethical uses of technology in social, personal and environmental contexts.
The lab is accessible for online teaching materials, journals and videos.
We have qualified and trained staff who handle the computers and provide instructions to the students. Computer Engineering and Coding workshops are regularly held in the computer laboratory.
All these, aim at promoting meaningful uses of Information Technology, which inspire students to develop critical thinking skills.

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